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Midnight Scarbon

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Midnight Scarbon

Designed By Esther Leavitt


Grab those knitting needles! Don’t pass by making the “scarbon” this winter. The Scarbon has become the most popular project of the season. It has grabbed the attention on many around the world. Thick Yarn always makes for fun hats. In this case it is a two part process. First the hood, then the scarf, and sew them together. 

Materials: Lion Brand Yarn: 3 skeins of Hometown USA – Super Bulky: Chicago charcoal, Size 9 mm knitting needles, cable needle, and darning needle.




Inc= Increase By Working in front and back loops.

Dec = Knit 2 together

Dec in BL = Knit 2 together in back loops.  

CN=Cable Needle

Sts= Stitches

C6F= Place 3 sts on cable needle  and hold in FRONT of work, K3,Then  K3 off of Cable needle.

C6B= Place 3 sts on cable needle  and hold in BACK of work, K3,Then  K3 off of Cable needle.

C4F= Place 2 sts on cable needle  and hold in Front of work, K2,Then  K2 off of Cable needle.

C6B= Place 2 sts on cable needle  and hold in BACK of work, K2,Then  K2 off of Cable needle.



Cast on 36

Row 1: K across.

Row 2 and all even rows: P across

Row 3:C6F, Inc, K4, Inc, K12, Inc, K4, Inc, C6F.

Row 5: K6, Inc, K6, Inc, C6F, K6, Inc, K6, Inc, K6.

Row 7: C6F, Inc, K8, Inc, K12, Inc, K8, Inc, C6F.

Row 9: K6, Inc, K10, Inc, K6, C6B, Inc, K10, Inc, K6.

Row 11: C6F, Inc, K12, Inc, K12, Inc, K12, Inc, C6F.

Row 13: K6, Inc, K15, C6F, K21, Inc, K6.

Row 15: C6F, Inc, K44, Inc, C6F.

Row 17: K6, Inc, K23, C6B, K17, Inc, K6.

Row 19: C6f, K50, C6F.

Row 21: K25, C6F, K31.

Row 23: C6F, K50, C6F.

Row 25: K31, C6B, K25.

Row 27: C6F, K50, C6F.

Row 29: K25, C6F, K31.

Row 31: C6F, K50, C6F.

Row 33: K6, K19, K6, C6B, K19, K6.

Row 34: P across and tie off.


Slip 24 sts onto right needle un-worked and attach yarn and begin working up the middle of hat decreasing in sts as you go.


Working up the middle of the hat:

Row 35: K1, Dec in BL, K8, Dec, K1, turn.

Row36: P13.

Row 37: K1, Dec in BL, C4F, K4, Dec, K1, turn.

Row 38: Rep row 36.

Row 39: Rep Row 35.

Row 40: Rep row 36

Row 41: K1, Dec in BL, K4, C4B, Dec, K1, turn.

Row 42: Rep row 36

Row 43: Rep Row 35

Row 44: Rep Row 36

Rows 45-70: Rep rows 37-44

Row 71: K1, Dec in BL, K8, Dec, K1, C6F. You should now have all sts on right needle.

Now we are working with the cabled edges as well as dec.

Row 72: P5, P2tog, turn.

Row 73: K6

Row 74: Rep 72

Row 75: C6F

Row 76: Rep 72

Row 77: K6

Row 78: Rep 72

Row 79: C6F

Row 80:P5, K3tog, turn.

Row 81: Cast off 6 sts (the cabled sts) and tie off.

You should still have 13 sts on the right needle. Slip all stitches onto the left needle so your needle’s point faces right. Now you are working on the other side of the hat along the cabled edge.

Row 82: C6F But In the following way: Put 3 sts onto cable needle and hold in FRONT, K3, Place sts from Cable needle onto Left Knitting Needle, K2, THEN K2Tog, turn.

Row 83 and all following odd rows: P6

Row 84: K5, K2tog.

Row 86: Rep row 82.

Row 88: Rep row 84.

Row 90: Rep row 82.

Row 92: K5, K3tog.

Cast off.

With right sides facing each other: Sew the two Cast off cabled edges together using darning needle.



Cast on 8 sts

Row 1: P8

Row 2: Inc, K6, Inc.

Row 3: P10.

Row 4: K1, Inc, K6, Inc, K1.

Row 5: P12.

Row 6: K1, Inc, C4f, K4, Inc, K1.

Row 7: P14

Row 8: K1, Inc, K10, Inc, K1.

Row 9: P16

Row 10: K1, Inc, K6, C4B, K2, Inc, K1.

Row 11: P18.

Row 12: K18.

Row 13: P18.

Row 14: K3, C6F, K9.

Row 15: P18

Row 16: K18

Row 17: P18

Row 18: K9, C6B, K3.

Row 19: P18

Row 20: K18

Rep Rows 14-20 until Scarf measures 44” long.

Row 21: K1, Dec in BL, K2, C4F, K6, Dec, K1.

Row 22 and all Even rows: P across.

Row 23: K1, Dec, K10, Dec, K1.

Row 25: K1, Dec, K4, C4B, Dec, K1.

Row 27: K1, Dec, K6, Dec, K1.

Row 29: Dec, K6, Dec.

Cast off.


Putting the Hat and Scarf together

Find the middle of the scarf and row 1 of hat and pin together.

Take a darning needle and sew the hat and scarf together.


Optional: Make pom poms and sew them to each of the ends of the scarf. I made four pom pom’s and put two on each side.







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